Lightweight Garage #30 Axial Flux Motor @ Koenigsegg Regera

The technology Axial flux motors are designed so that the electromagnetic flux flows parallel to the axis of rotation of the motor, instead of radially between the rotor and stator. This implies efficient use of installation space and, due to the leverage effect of the magnets further away from the axis of rotation, ... Read more

Leichtbaugarage #18 Engine @ DeLorean (DMC-12)

In the 1970s, John DeLorean developed a vision for future automobiles that he was unable to realise at General Motors. As a result, the Pontiac GTO inventor founded his own company - the DeLorean Motor Company. The only vehicle sold was the 1,286 kg DMC-12, which was named after its planned list price of $12,000.

Lightweight Garage #16 Bio-based plastics @ Soybean car (Ford 1941)

On 14 August 1941, the New York Times reported on page 19 about a novel vehicle concept that had been presented the day before in Dearborn, Michigan. Henry Ford had itroduced a car with plastic panelling to 10,000 interested people. Unforunately the car never went into series production but nevertheless went down in history as the innovative Soybean Car.

TGM Special: Concept Carbon Heat Exchanger

Typically, heat transfer systems for air cooling in the automotive sector are designed as metallic finned heat exchangers with focus on corrosion and media resistance. This design generates a large transfer surface within limited package, but the materials currently used result in an increased dead weight, which is also leads to heavier surrounding structures. In most vehicles, integration of the function into existing structural components is not possible due to the material and the design.

Lighten Up! The 2022 Lightweight Conference

Are you an expert on Lightweighting and weight management? Or do you want to meet others who are?
Is your company challenged to meet demanding weight targets?
Are you on track in the race towards carbon-neutral mobility?
Or do you want to simply save time and money in your engineering processes?

TGM special: Modular Lightweight Starterbattery

Besides our passion for analysing existing vehicles in our lightweight garage, we also get creative ourselves designing new lightweight concepts. Together with our partners, the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland, Litewerks and the Koller Group, we have developed a modular modular lightweight starter battery to replace conventional heavy lead lead batteries. The starting point is the technology change to lithium iron phosphate, as the stable voltage plateau above the capacity enables efficient use.

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