Lightweight Garage # 39 Giga Press Model Y @ Tesla

20.04.2023 Luca Wilhelmy The vehicle Behind this garage door is an electrically powered road vehicle, the Tesla Model Y. Weighing in at 1995 kg and with room for up to 5 people, the Model Y, which has a maximum speed of 250 km/h, is one of the most popular electric vehicles. ... Read more

Lightweight Garage # 25 Bioconcept Car @ FNR

The vehicle Behind this gate is a Porsche from racing. Lightweight construction is a common means of optimizing the vehicle in this field. Fiber-reinforced plastics are often used, with glass and/or carbon fibers. The Bioconcept Car takes a different ... Read more

Lightweight Garage #19 KEVESOL® in Space Travel @ ALINA

This garage houses the autonomous landing and navigation module from the company PTS, also known as ALINA. This is a lunar module for transporting up to 100 kg of payload. However, the module itself cannot be launched directly from Earth, but requires a launch vehicle for its journey to Earth orbit. The concept is designed to support all common rocket models, such as Falcon 9. Once in Earth orbit, ALINA can cover the 380,000 km to the moon itself and land on the moon.

Lightweight Garage #15 Friction Stir Welding @ Ariane 6

In this garage is a vehicle that flies high. The Ariane 6 is the next stage of development after the Ariane 5 launcher. Like its predecessor, it should also be used to transport various types of satellites. Since each kilo of payload to be transported into orbit already costs more than 10,000 dollars, the long-term goal is to reduce launch costs.

Lightweight Garage #4 Light Weight Sandwich of Freeride- and Touring-Ski

This garage door does not cover an automobile, rail vehicle or aircraft, but a set of skis. These skis have in common that they are specifically designed for use in deep snow (off-piste). These skis are called freeride and touring skis, which should float on the snow as well as possible and avoid sinking. In order to generate the best possible lift on the snow with the ski, a sandwich wood core that is as light as possible is used in addition to the wide shape.

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