Our Strength

The Weight-Funneling Concept (WFC): a structured method for weight analysis, reduction and optimization.

Strategic weight management, including cost & supplier management.

Assessment and recommendation of new technologies and innovations.

Structured analysis of the variables influencing weight-related opportunities and risks.

Development and implementation of new weight-management processes.

Founded by Hans-Peter Dahm in 1996, TGM has built up a successful track record in the provision of technical weight management & optimization for aircraft, rail/road vehicles and marine vessels.

TGM develops specialized, weight management & analysis methods plus highly effective mass-properties software that allow our clients to optimize the weight and cost of their industrial products.

Our highly qualified engineers and technically savvy consultants offer solutions focusing on weight management and related business strategies, including weight optimization, lightweight design and cost analysis.

Our expert engineering and consulting services are based on extensive experience in a wide range of industries, in-depth technical knowledge, and effective project management & implementation skills.

By applying our carefully structured methods, we can achieve rapid and measurable results in weight reduction for our customers.


Our highly qualified engineers, IT specialists and technically versed commercial managers are ready to provide you with one-stop, interdisciplinary customer service. As innovators with a long track record of cross-industry experience, we can assist you on the strategic level as well as in your day-to-day operations.

Associate Partners

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