Bionically arch-structured materials

Arch structuring is a process within forming technology based on controlled self-organization. 
We offer you design, simulation, calculation and concept design of bionically arch-structured materials for various industries.  

What exactly is bionic arch structuring?

Curvature structuring is a process within forming technology based on controlled self-organization. It enables the creation of three-dimensional structures in thin-walled materials such as sheet metal, plastic film, cardboard and paper. Either square or hexagonal structures can be produced. Compared to conventional sheet metal forming processes such as embossing, beading or hydroforming, camber structuring is characterized by an energy-efficient self-organization process. This process is particularly gentle on the material and saves energy and resources. One of the most important properties of arch structures is their increased rigidity, both in terms of bending and buckling stiffness.

Arched structures in nature have numerous useful properties. Research experiments have shown that this controlled self-organization process can also be replicated in technology. By applying gentle pressure to a curved, thin material that is simultaneously supported, a smart and energy-efficient 3D structure can be created. This structure is stiffer in all directions than the original material while maintaining the surface finish. This ingenious process makes it possible to apply curved structures to sheets, foils and other materials.

Applications of bionic arch structuring

3D model of a vault structure