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©Paul VanDerWerf, Happier Camper HC1 in side view with aerodynamic fiberglass body, CC BY 2.0

The vehicle

Off on vacation! The Happier Camper HC1 is ready to be coupled up for your next trip. This lightweight caravan does not require a large towing vehicle, making it accessible to the masses. With a base price of 34,450 $, it is certainly no bargain, but the caravan impresses with its modular concept. Thanks to the box system, the vehicle can be individually adapted to the customer's wishes both at the time of purchase and afterwards.

It is therefore up to the customer whether they want a kitchenette or more sleeping space. Users are also free to remove the modules from the vehicle in order to use the trailer to transport a scooter or kayak. The boxes are made of a robust, unspecified material, making them suitable for repeated rearrangement.

The technology

In this case, the explicit lightweight construction concept cannot be reduced to just one material or one manufacturing idea. It is much more about the interaction of a load-bearing outer skin made of 100% glass fiber, a glass fiber honeycomb sandwich floor, the modularity of the equipment and the targeted topographical adaptation of design surfaces to ensure stability in the fender, door and tailgate areas, for example. The design here is therefore tailored to strength requirements and not the limiting factor in the development process, as is usually the case.

The lightweight aspect

All in all, these modifications result in an unladen weight of less than 500 kg with a length of 3 meters. Compared to the all-time classic Eriba Touring with only 70 cm less living space length, the HC1 weighs only approx. 2/3 of the Eriba version.

Peterolthof, Eriba Touring. The classic among mini campers, CC BY-ND 2.0

With a length of 3.7 m, the Eriba model has an unladen weight of 0.72 tons. This means that the HC1 even beats the model that has been optimized over 60 years with a lower specific mass per metre of caravan length.

In conclusion, it is not the modular concept, but the consistent interaction of strength requirements and design adaptations that makes the Happier Camper HC1 one of the lightest and most flexible representatives in its class.

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