Internships in Corona times


this is Jan (Bionics BSc) and Max (Mechanical Engineering BSc). Since the beginning of April, we have been interns at TGM.

Instead of the planned internship in China, I’m now very thankful for having the opportunity of working for TGM at a very short notice and learning a lot about lightweight design and principles.


Because lightweight design is the focus of my studies and I wanted to experience city life in Berlin, my internship is a win-win. Due to the current circumstances city life has not been possible yet, but I’m glad to have the opportunity to start working from home gaining insight into the engineer’s everyday life at TGM.


From the very beginning, we were involved in software development for a customer, as well as the identification and implementation of lightweight potentials in an internal research project. These tasks gave us a good insight into the working methods and procedures of TGM in consulting projects. We particularly like the independent work and the familiar interactions with our colleagues and we look forward to meeting everyone for the first time during the upcoming team event.

In addition to the design of various CAD models, FEM calculations are also a part of the tasks in which we can apply and expand the knowledge from our studies. During this internship we would like to delve further into the analysis of lightweight potentials.

With the flattening of the curve we hope to be able to join our customers on site and thus gain even deeper insights into lightweight consulting.

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