CAE simulations for electronics in the aerospace industry

The project focused on the optimization of a printed circuit board (PCB) for the space industry, taking into account both thermal and mechanical calculations to ensure the reliable operation of electronic devices in difficult space conditions. The electronic devices on these PCBs operate in the harsh conditions of space, where heat dissipation is particularly difficult due to the lack of atmosphere. Another critical aspect was to ensure the mechanical resilience of the PCBs, especially during the harsh conditions of launch and ascent.

Solution approaches

  • Improve heat dissipation by optimizing circuit board design and component layout to ensure electronic devices operate within safe temperature ranges in the harsh environment of space.
  • Ensure that optimum operating temperatures are maintained in order to extend the service life and reliability of electronic components.
  • Optimization of the mechanical design to ensure that the PCB is resistant to vibrations and shocks during start-up and take-off to reduce the risk of physical damage.
  • Reinforcing the structural integrity of the PCB through mechanical analysis and design to withstand the harsh environment of space and continue to function reliably.