Software for weight management

The TGM Weight Data Tool (WDT) is our proprietary solution to your weight management challenges.
In addition, we have developed special tools for analyzing aircraft data Smart Act developed.

TGM Weight Data Tool © (WDT)

Specially developed to optimize weight control

The Weight Data Tool (WDT) is a software developed by TGM to optimize the weight management of rail and road vehicles.

Its client-server architecture supports the analysis and evaluation of masses, center of gravity distributions and mass moments of inertia as well as the calculation of axle, wheel and secondary suspension loads for various vehicle variants, including modular vehicle structures.

A fully parametric 3D finite element algorithm is integrated into the WDT3, which enables load case calculations of all kinds for customized individual vehicle articulation configurations with 1 or 2 chassis per vehicle part.

Main features

    Database server with multi-user access for any network

    Hierarchical management of vehicle assemblies and payload components

    3D weight distributions

    FEM calculation module for statically indeterminate support systems

    WDT3 - Railway: Static load calculations for various bogie configurations (Jakobs, standard, unicycle and hybrid)

    Payload calculation based on seven freely definable loading conditions

    Graphical coordinate fixing and vehicle configuration, including graphical representation of CG distributions for assemblies and individual parts

    Integrated support for the TGM weight tunnel concept for early detection and evaluation of weight drive factors and potential mass reductions

    Supplementary modules: Advanced weight control; weight saving potentials; material selection; moments of inertia; time & cost management; as well as various optional add-ons and calculation modules

    Report generator including import / export (MS Excel, ASCII text) and printout of the weight scales

    Software compatible with Microsoft Windows / Linux / Mac OS X

Smart Act


The Smart Act software tool developed by TGM facilitates the management and analysis of aircraft weight data.

Thanks to the transparent reports and output options, Smart Act reduces the risk of incorrect decisions in weight management, which can be crucial for a project.

It reduces the workload of your weight engineers and at the same time allows direct cost/weight comparisons to be made in aircraft construction.

Other functions include data management for components and structures.

Main features

    Advanced weight analysis (weight books)

    Weight tracking / reports

    Best / worst-case scenarios

    Analysis of mass risks and reduction potentials

    Database server

    Multi-user access control