Deckhouse of a crew transfer ship

The deckhouse was too heavy to reach the specified speed.

Task for TGM: Weight reduction of at least 20%.

Two concepts were developed to achieve a weight reduction. The original design was numerically calculated as the basis for the optimizations.

1. topology optimization

  • Main load paths were determined with the help of topology optimization.
  • From this, a concept with planking sheets and an optimized frame structure was developed.

The weight saving of this concept is approx. 8%.

2. sandwich concept

  • An initial dimensioning is carried out analytically, then a concept is created with these results.
  • This concept was calculated and optimized in several loops.
  • Adoption of the topology-optimized roof structure.
  • Reduction and optimization of the individual struts and their wall thicknesses.
  • Processing instructions for the sandwich panels have been created.

The weight saving of this concept is: approx. 22%.