Lightweight Garage #30 Axial Flux Motor @ Koenigsegg Regera

The technology Axial flux motors are designed so that the electromagnetic flux flows parallel to the axis of rotation of the motor, instead of radially between the rotor and stator. This implies efficient use of installation space and, due to the leverage effect of the magnets further away from the axis of rotation, ... Read more

Lightweight Garage # 25 Bioconcept Car @ FNR

The vehicle Behind this gate is a Porsche from racing. Lightweight construction is a common means of optimizing the vehicle in this field. Fiber-reinforced plastics are often used, with glass and/or carbon fibers. The Bioconcept Car takes a different ... Read more

Lightweight Garage #23 PU Kenaf Composite @ Toyota LQ

At the Tokyo Motor Show in 2019, Toyota presented a new electric concept car: the Toyota LQ. A highlight of the LQ is the use of artificial intelligence to create an emotional connection between the vehicle and the driver. This should be achieved in particular by adapting the interior lighting, scenting or seat air-conditioning to the driver's needs. In addition, the LQ is equipped with automated driving functions.

Lightweight Garage #21 Consequent glass fibre concept @ Happier Camper HC1

Off on vacation! The Happier Camper HC1 is ready to start your next road trip. This lightweight caravan does not need a lot of horsepower to be pulled, which makes it accessible to any average person. Only thing you need is wanderlust. With a base price of $ 34,450, it is certainly not a bargain, but the caravan convinces with its modular concept. Thanks to the box system, the vehicle can be individually adapted to the wishes of the customer, both while configuring it and during its use.

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