Functional system analysis - tailgate and surrounding design space

TGM was commissioned to find out whether or not a combination of tailgate, rear fender and other system components would be suitable for reducing weight and costs.

The results of the hypothetical analysis should serve as a basis for deciding whether a functionally integrated design or a differentiated design concept offers added value for a new vehicle development.

Following a benchmark study and a functional system analysis, the experienced TGM engineers investigated the advantages and disadvantages of the various approaches developed using methodical load path analysis tools, including analytical morphology and utility value analysis. An FEM analysis was not required in this phase. For a better understanding and evaluation of the results obtained, the most interesting approaches were demonstrated in three conceptual CAD designs.

Solution approaches:

  • to find different concept variants with weight reductions from 5% to 30% in terms of structural and functional integration
  • Combining and evaluating different concepts and materials
  • Decide on the basis of facts which variant is the most suitable