The Event

Welcome to Lighten Up! The 2022 Lightweight Conference.

TGM Lightweight Solutions have joined forces with the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS), and Netzwerk Leichtbau Metall Brandenburg to host this interactive, online event that will serve as a forum for manufacturing and engineering experts from across Europe, to discuss the latest innovations and technologies, and pressing issues facing the manufacturing industry when it comes to lightweighting and weight management.

We are building an impressive line-up of speakers and keynotes to deliver a stimulating blend of presentations and discussions and will offer ample opportunities for networking throughout the day.

The programme will include discussions around three main topics:

  • Holistic lightweighting
  • Topology & topography optimisation
  • Materials selection and method of manufacture assessment

So, whether you are an engineer, designer, manager, or researcher from industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Rail, and Shipbuilding, this online space will be a great opportunity to exchange, gather new information, explore new technologies and solve problems, and together we can look for new ways to reduce resource usage, save weight and reduce energy consumption while maintaining structural properties.

Early bird rate – £100 + VAT
(ends 14 September)
Standard rate – £150 + VAT
(from 15 September)

Join us

to explore state-of-the-art approaches and to network across industries!

Lighten Up! The 2022 Lightweight Conference is:
  • more than a standard trade show
  • more than an online platform for webinars and
  • much more than just a company presentation
At Lighten Up! The 2022 Lightweight Conference, participants will have access to:
  • State-of-the-art information on
    • Lightweight Methodologies
    • Lightweight Technologies
    • Lightweight Processes
    • Tool-supported Lightweight Design
  • Extensive networking possibilities across industries, creating synergies. Yes, even online!
  • New insights and approaches that achieve results
  • Answers to YOUR questions regarding Lightweighting and weight management
  • Exchange with researchers from renowned universities and institutes
  • A combination of theoretical models and proven, practical approaches
  • PLUS exclusive access to recorded presentations and content after the conference*


04.11.2022 ONLINE

The agenda of the conference will be available soon.

Start TimeEnd Time
08:3009:00Check In
09:00tbdwelcome plenary
tbdtbdSession 1 – Holistic lightweighting + Q&A
tbdtbdcoffee break
tbdtbdDiscussion Area – Trend 1
tbdtbdSession 2 – Topology & topography + Q&A
tbdtbdDiscussion Area – Trend 2
tbdtbdSession 3 – Materials Selection and Method of Manufacture Assessment + Q&A
tbdtbdClose out speech
tbdtbdWrap Up
17:00Digital Networking session
All times are UTC+1


At this interactive conference, you have the possibility to attend multiple types of presentations:

Case studies with proven results

Presentations on new approaches

Expert panel discussions


Each participant can showcase their company’s interest in lightweight topics in a brief introduction.

We will create multiple spaces for networking: Exchange with others on your thoughts, your questions and your successes within the realm of Lightweight Construction, Weight Management & Lightweight Design.

Speakers & Keynotes

Each participant can showcase their company’s interest in lightweight topics in a brief introduction.

We will create multiple spaces for networking: Exchange with others from all industries on your thoughts, your questions and your successes within the realm of lightweight construction, weight management & lightweight design.

Ford Motor Company
& Composites UK

Alan Banks

Cost effective lightweighting in mass production

Brompton Bicycle

Matteo Massimi

Topology-agnostic material selection methodology for the design and manufacturing of a lightweight bicycle frame

Havel metal foam

Friedrich Schuller

Aluminium foam casings for future batteries

Vehicle Engineering

Carolin Bernhardt

Innovative lightweight solutions for rail vehicles
– A new lightweight roof –

Erbslöh Aluminium GmbH

Lothar Löchte

Range anxiety – no need for that! Effective thermal management

Will be revealed soon!

LU!22 Speaker

Will be revealed soon!

LU!22 Speaker

Will be revealed soon!

LU!22 Speaker

Will be revealed soon!

LU!22 Speaker

Will be revealed soon!

LU!22 Speaker

Will be revealed soon!

LU!22 Speaker

Will be revealed soon!

LU!22 Speaker

Registered Member Area

Registration opens in July

If you are registered for the conference please follow the instructions you received via e-mail.

Additional in-persona meetings

We will be hosting two in person meetings in Glasgow, and Berlin. These will take place shortly after the online event for invited guests to continue focused discussions.


29th of November 2022

1st of December 2022




How to attend?

20 experts from our digital conference will be invited


Networking sessions (including 1:1 meetings)
Discussion panels
Company & idea pitches
Case-study from gold sponsor

Why participate

Avoid the waiting list! Space is limited! This conference promises to be a rich and interactive event.

Implementing Lightweight Solutions into YOUR workplace, into YOUR agenda, or into YOUR processes has shown the potential to save your company multiple thousands of EUR in design, engineering, production, and maintenance, only to name a few of the positively affected areas.

You will

  • gain additional insight
  • enhance your knowledge and your skills
  • grow your network
  • discover new tools
  • and make your work more rewarding, more efficient, leading to better and faster results.

Sponsorship opportunities


Exclusive, one-off package provides an opportunity to engage with our conference delegates.

Premium opportunity to showcase your brand to a delegation of key decision makers.

Elevate your profile and position your company within the area of lightweighting.
Keynote slotKeynote slot
Logo on all media and advertising communicationsLogo on all media and advertising communicationsLogo on all media and advertising communications
4 x Free Tickets2 x Free Tickets1 x Free Ticket
Invite for 2 people to attend in-persona eventsInvite for 2 people to attend in-persona events
‘pitch’ slot at in-persona events‘pitch’ slot at in-persona events‘pitch’ slot at in-persona events
Participation in 2 Discussion PanelsParticipation in 1 Discussion Panel
Networking booth provided for in-persona events
Coordinated B2B meetings in breakout rooms during in-persona events
Provide a 100 – 200 word email blast to registered delegates
Submission of a ‘problem statement’ and additional discussion sessionSubmission of ‘problem statement’ for bronze sponsors and additional discussion session
Access to Gold Sponsor problem statementsAccess to Silver Sponsor problem statements

Are you interested in inviting your clients to the conference to showcase your capabilities and successes in the field of lightweight design? Please contact us. Are you a student? Please contact us for reduced rates.

We will gather similar thinking minds to analyse three main topics and discuss future trends:

Topic 1 – Holistic lightweighting – Analysis of weight saving opportunities during development phase including functional analysis and principles with the objective of weight and cost reduction

In this session we will take a deep dive into the techniques used in analyzing structures, design and system optimization.

  • Functional analysis and functional principles with objective of weight and cost reduction
  • Mass forecast and weight targeting
  • Steering of lightweighting activities

Topic 2 – Topology & topography optimization – Advanced topology and topography optimization with analysis of influencing parameter sensitivity

In this session we will discuss the exposure of load paths for homogenous material distribution in volume and sheet components including also anisotropic materials. Focus on stress and stiffness driven structures to optimize displacement and stress objectives in small design spaces.

  • FEA as an advanced tool for lightweight design and validation approaches
  • Structural analysis of hybrid composite materials and sandwich materials

Topic 3 – Materials Selection and Method of Manufacture Assessment – Material selection and optimization of the manufacturing process can have substantial benefit to material performance, functionality and durability

In this session we will have a look at the methods used during early stage design that determine the material with the most optimal method of manufacture such as:

  • Sustainable composite materials
  • Formability and properties (strength, stiffness) of high strength alloys (Al, 3rd generation of steels) for automotive application
  • Life cycle assessment of the lightweight materials: resistance, resilience, recyclability
  • Manufacturing innovations for the BEV, disruptive manufacturing
  • Right material for right place: hybridisation between metallic and non-metallic structures and joining methods; development of the new hybrid metallic materials for lightweighting.
  • Low temperature formability of hard to form alloys for aerospace application
  • Flexible tooling for low volume production
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